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Business Broadband Offsite Backup Service

I am pleased to offer the this service to my business customers.

We are all aware that we should backup our important data, and most people in business try to make sure that they have a copy of all their important business files on their system.
But what happens if your computers are stolen or, worse still, if you have a fire or flood at your business premises?

Off-site backup

Off-site backup is the key to real security for your critical data.
If a copy of your important data is stored somewhere away from your premises then should the worst happen, you will be able to resume your business promptly, without having to recreate all of those important files.

Any backup system will fail if it relies on user action, some people take the wise precaution of utilising a removable hard drive to store their backup on and then taking this home with them at night, this is a good system, as long the backup is taken away from the premises EVERY NIGHT. You know that the one time you donít do it will be the time that disaster strikes.

Our Business Broadband Backup Service is fully automated, once set up, you will never have to think about it, you can relax in the knowledge that an up to date copy of all your important files is resting securely on our servers (which have their own backup system).

Our backup system uses an incremental backup system. An incremental backup stores all files that have changed since the last full or incremental backup; it stores all files the first time itís run.
Our Business Broadband Backup Service utilises your broadband connection during the early hours of the morning to upload your data to our servers.

In order to use our service you will need enough bandwidth for the amount of data you will be uploading. Most cheap broadband services have a cap on the data you can transfer (typically from 2-10 gigabytes per month). We recommend either an NTL cable service or BTís Business package (Single or Network) which are both unlimited; we will discuss your broadband connection should you choose to use our backup service.

You will also need to leave the pc which holds the backup files on all the time, this is not problem for most machines, we will configure your system to be able to use our backup system for you and advise you if any changes need to be made.

We will help you to decide which files to back up and any changes that should be made to your directory system in order to make the backup system easier for you to use.

Our backup system is checked every day to ensure your files have been correctly uploaded and any problems are dealt with within 24hrs.
Every week your backup is saved to disk and these disks are stored in fireproof storage away from our servers, we guarantee to have a copy of your data no more than a week old even if our premises burn down. In normal circumstances we would always have a copy of your data no more than 24hrs old.

Your business will have its own username and password on our servers, meaning that no-one else can access your files;
Your data will be secured during transfer using SSL encryption.
We treat confidentiality very seriously so you can be assured that your data is safe with us.

The cost for this service is based on the amount of data stored on our servers, as follows:

  • Up to 5 GB  -  £5.00 per month
  • Up to 20 GB  -  £10.00 per month
  • Up to 50 GB  -  £20.00 per month
  • Each additional 2 GB  -  £1.00 per month

A one-off fee will be charged for the onsite visit to setup the system. This will depend on your requirements and will be charged at £35.00 per hour (it should take 1-2 hours).
You will also be charged £30.00 for the backup software license.
You will be invoiced monthly or quarterly for this service and there is a minimum 12 month contract.