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Mobile Ready Website Design and Hosting by The Computerman from just £250

In these days of high-speed home internet access, it is essential for businesses, both large and small, to have some kind of presence on the World Wide Web.
Whether your business needs a simple one page web presence to help potential customers to see what services you offer and enable them to contact you, or a database driven multiple page dynamic website like ours, The Computerman can provide the right solution for your business.

The Computerman will help you get the right domain name for your business.
Then work with you to design your web pages (to your chosen budget limit or package limitations).
Help you make any changes to the whole package as and when your business requirements change.


Basic Package includes:

  • .co.uk Domain registered for you (.com, etc is an extra £20/year).
  • 100mb Web Hosting
  • Email Setup
  • 4 hours Website Design
  • Up to 8 Web Pages
  • Unlimited Pictures (up to hosting limit)
  • Unlimited Links to other Websites

Package Price:  -  £250.00 per year.


  1. Your preferred Domain Name may not be available.
  2. Hosting may take up to 3 weeks to go live.
  3. 3 separate email addresses @yourdomainname.co.uk can be setup with one acting as a catch-all address.
  4. The time spent discussing your Website is not a part of the 4 hours Website Design.
  5. We cannot host any material or link to any website which we deem as unsuitable.
  6. Web Hosting specifications described here are minimum specifications, they may actually be better.

Some examples of my customers' websites